Vmware vSphere 5.5 update

This article is supplemental to my earlier document (Vmware vSphere HOWTO) which covers vSphere 5 in detail.

The hardware used is shown below.


This brief posting only deals with the new vSphere Web Client (which is now recommended by VMware) this example shows how to set up hosts, datacenter and how to create an iSCSI based Datastore. It does not specifically cover setting up a Windows Domain Controller which is required.

After performing the Simple Install from the vCenter, launch the client using the icon or the tile if using Windows 2012

Initially use administrator@sphere.local for the login and use the password that was supplied when installing vCenter Single Sign on

The system will authenticate and should bring up a screen similar to that shown below:

To get started add a datacenter by selecting the <Click here> link as shown in the figure above.

At the next screen select <Create Datacenter>

Enter a name for the new datacenter and select <OK>. The new datacenter should be created and appear in the left hand frame, after this the next step is to add host(s) to the datacenter. Select <Add a Host> from the screen shown below:

Enter the host’s IP address and select <Next>.

Authenticate and select <Next>

Select <Yes> to connect.

Select <Next> and finally <Finish> to add the host. The newly added host should appear as part of the datacenter.

Adding an iSCSI Adapter

From the <Home Screen> select <Hosts and Clusters>

Select the first host and then Manage -> Storage

Select the + icon to add a software iSCSI adapter.

The newly added adapter will show up in the <Storage Adapters> screen.

Now add the target from the screen below.

Select <OK> and then issue a rescan by clicking on the icon shown below.

Select <Storage Devices> to see the newly added iSCSI target LUNS.

Now select the Home tab by right clicking on the tab at the top left, this will show the history of events.

Select <Storage> from the Inventory pane.

Next select Datastores and select the <Create a new Datastore> icon.

Select <AJs Datacenter> and then <Next>.

Select <VMFS> for the file system type.

Next, name the Datastore and select the host that was previously configured for access to the target.

If there are no legacy considerations then it is recommended to use VMFS 5.

Use the full capacity.

Finally select <Finish> to create the new Datastore.


Comments and suggestions for future articles welcome!

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