How do I use SQL Server Profiler?

How use SQL Profiler step by step?

METHOD 2 – Manual steps

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, click Microsoft SQL Server 20xx (your version), click Performance Tools, and then click SQL Server Profiler.
  2. On the File menu, click New Trace… to open the ‘Connect to Server’ dialog box.
  3. In the Server name box, type the name of the SQL Server.

How do I get SQL Profiler query?


  1. We can do the following using SQL Server Profiler. Create a trace. Watch the trace results as the trace runs. Store the trace results in a table. Start, stop, pause, and modify the trace results as necessary. Replay the trace results.
  2. Use SQL Server Profiler to monitor only the events in which you are interested.

How do I select a database in SQL Profiler?

Steps To Filter Profiler Trace For Events From A Database

From the profiler trace window, go to menu Files > Properties. In the Trace Properties window, go to Events Selections tab. Select the check box Show all columns.

How do I start SQL Profiler?

To open the SQL Profiler in SQL Server Management Studio:

  1. Click on Tools.
  2. Click on SQL Server Profiler.
  3. Connect to the server on which we need to perform profiling.
  4. On the Trace Properties window, under General tab, select the blank template.
  5. On the Events Selection tab, select Deadlock graph under Locks leaf.
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What is SQL Profiler and how it works?

SQL Server Profiler is an interface to create and manage traces and analyze and replay trace results. Events are saved in a trace file that can later be analyzed or used to replay a specific series of steps when diagnosing a problem. SQL Trace and SQL Server Profiler are deprecated. … Management.

How can I tell if SQL Profiler is running?

How to find all the profiler traces running on my SQL Server

  1. select.
  2. case tr.[status]
  3. when 1 THEN ‘Running’
  4. when 0 THEN ‘Stopped’
  5. end.
  6. ,[Default] =
  7. case tr.is_default.
  8. when 1 THEN ‘System TRACE’

How do I trace a SQL query?

To execute a SQL query with tracing:

Click Queries on the menu bar, and then select Execute with trace. In the Connection String box of the displayed Execute with Trace window, select or enter the connection string for the server on which the tracing result must be processed.

Does SQL Profiler affect performance?

Yes, SQL Server Profiler does affect performance. When you trace using the GUI, all events are synchronously processed and filtered, so factors such as server load, network latency, which events you collect, and even where the collected events are stored, all contribute to overhead.

Why we use SQL Profiler?

An SQL server profiler is a tool for tracing, recreating, and troubleshooting problems in MS SQL Server, Microsoft’s Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). The profiler lets developers and Database Administrators (DBAs) create and handle traces and replay and analyze trace results.

Which of the following is the benefit of SQL Server Profiler?

Discussion Forum

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Que. Which of the following is the benefit of SQL Server Profiler?
b. Finding and diagnosing slow-running queries
c. Correlating performance counters to diagnose problems
d. All of the mentioned
Answer:All of the mentioned

How do I run a SQL Profiler from a specific procedure?


  1. Open SQL Server Profiler from the start menu or from SQL Management Studio (Tools menu) and log into the server and database when prompted. …
  2. On the General tab: …
  3. On the Events Selection tab: …
  4. Once the configuration is complete, click the Run button to start the trace.

How do I use XEvent profiler?

Use XEvent Profiler to capture queries in SQL Server

  1. XEvent Profiler in SSMS. …
  2. Live Data Viewer (after double-clicking to start Standard session) …
  3. Stopping the Data Feed in the Live Viewer. …
  4. Events sorted in duration descending. …
  5. Add object_name to data viewer.

How do I download SQL Profiler?

Installing SQL Profiler on Windows

  1. The SQL Profiler Installer Welcome dialog.
  2. The SQL Profiler License Agreement.
  3. The PostgreSQL Installation Directory.
  4. Ready to Install.
  5. Installing the SQL Profiler plugin.
  6. The SQL Profiler installation is complete.
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