How do you use Execute SQL task in SSIS with variables?

How do you set a variable in an Execute SQL task?

SSIS – How to use Execute SQL Task to assign value to a variable?

  1. Create the query against the source system. …
  2. Open SSIS Project > Create the variable. …
  3. Now, drag a Execute SQL Task to Control Flow. …
  4. Now, since we want to store a value to the variable, change the Result Set property to Single Row.

How do you pass variables in data flow task in SSIS?

In Data Flow Pane bring OLE DB Source and write query and then map parameter. Final Output: Now set the variable Dt to the date you want to pass as parameter to your query in OLE DB Source after this you can see the results by using Data Viewer.

How do you write a query in Execute SQL Task in SSIS?

You can configure the Execute SQL task in the following ways:

  1. Specify the type of connection manager to use to connect to a database.
  2. Specify the type of result set that the SQL statement returns.
  3. Specify a time-out for the SQL statements.
  4. Specify the source of the SQL statement.
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What is the use of Execute SQL task in SSIS?

The Execute SQL Task in SSIS is used to run SQL queries (statements) or stored procedures from the SSIS package. You can use this SSIS Execute SQL task to write the single SQL statement or multiple SQL statements that can run sequentially.

Which task allows you to run a query to transform data?

The Execute SQL task, the OLE DB source, the OLE DB destination, and the Lookup transformation can use SQL queries. In the Execute SQL task, the SQL statements can create, update, and delete database objects and data; run stored procedures; and perform SELECT statements.

How do I debug a variable in SSIS?


  1. Right Click on File System Task and go to Edit Breakpoints.
  2. Choose the Break Condition.
  3. Execute your SSIS Package.
  4. To view the values of your variable Go to Debug–> Windows–> Locals. Let’s see the values of variables win Locals window.

What is result set in SSIS?

In this example, we will use the SSIS Execute SQL Task full row set option to select the data present in the Employee table and save the returned result set in another table. … Here, the ResultSet variable of object type will hold the returned result set, and the remaining seven columns will use in another task.

What is variable SSIS?

Variables store values that a SQL Server Integration Services package and its containers, tasks, and event handlers can use at run time. The scripts in the Script task and the Script component can also use variables.

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What SSIS task is executed?

When it comes to SSIS, executing commands over SQL Server is mainly done using “Execute SQL Task” which is one of the most popular SSIS task, it is also used to run SQL commands over different engines such as SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft Access and Excel and any source that has a supported connection manager.

How do you pass a variable in ODBC source in SSIS?

How to Parameterize a Source Query in SSIS Using Attunity Connector for Oracle

  1. Create a Project Parameter. …
  2. Create a Variable for the Parameterized Source Query. …
  3. Add Attunity Source to Data Flow. …
  4. Set Data Flow Expressions. …
  5. Verify SQL Query Changed in the Attunity Source.

What is execute Process Task in SSIS?

The Execute Process task can be used to run an application or a batch file as one of the steps in an SSIS package. The input, output and arguments of the application can be set in the editor of the task and be used at run-time. … The destination file name will be saved in a variable to make the process flexible.

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