Should I learn OOP PHP?

Should I learn PHP OOP?

Object-oriented programming has several advantages over procedural programming: OOP is faster and easier to execute. OOP provides a clear structure for the programs. OOP helps to keep the PHP code DRY “Don’t Repeat Yourself”, and makes the code easier to maintain, modify and debug.

Does PHP support OOP?

Yes, the latest versions of PHP are object oriented. That is, you can write classes yourself, use inheritance, and where appropriate, the built in functionality is built in objects too (like MySQL features).

Is OOP really necessary?

It can, quite often, lead to over-engineering of a problem to reach the perfect solution, when often it is really not necessary. In essence, OOP is not really Object Oriented Programming, but mapping Object Oriented Thinking to a programming language capable of supporting OO Techniques.

Is procedural PHP bad?

5 Answers. That is a false choice. There are a lot of php “frameworks” which actually are written in procedural style. Instead of trying to find some magical framework which would bestow upon you the wisdom of programming , you should just learn how to write code in OOP manner.

Is PHP a dead language?

PHP isn’t quite dead, but it isn’t fully alive either — not in an independent manner like JavaScript is currently in the development ecosystem. The server-side language’s relationship with WordPress is an intimate one and rests on the platform’s long-term uptake by general users. … PHP itself is also actively maintained.

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Is PHP difficult to learn?

In general, PHP is regarded as an easy programming language to master for people just starting to learn to program. As with any programming language, PHP has rules of coding, abbreviations, and algorithms. Learning PHP will be easy or challenging depending on how you approach learning the language itself.

Is PHP better than C#?

C# is object-oriented, modern, general-purpose, programming language developed by Microsoft.

PHP vs C# Comparison Table.

The basis of comparison PHP C#
Usage Used in web developments, Database operation, Session Tracking, Events It can be used in a web application as well desktop application development.


HTML is not a programming language – it’s a markup language. You don’t do object-oriented HTML because it isn’t object based. This is the whole purpose of a server-side language, so you can make include files and use them in your server-side application.

How can I learn PHP OOP?


  1. Classes and objects. Take the first steps by learning about classes, objects, methods, and properties.
  2. The $this keyword. …
  3. Chaining methods & properties. …
  4. Public vs. …
  5. Magic methods and Constants. …
  6. Inheritance in PHP. …
  7. Abstract classes & methods. …
  8. Interfaces – the next level of abstraction.

Is OO programming dead?

Object-oriented programming (OOP) has gone through the mill of being adored, to suddenly hated by the masses. While it’s hard to discern how much of that love, hate, and intensity is fake news, the verdict is that the idea of object-oriented is not dead. The issue isn’t object-oriented itself.

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Does Scala Die 2020?

Is Scala Dying? … It is a very difficult language to learn since it is based on mathematical type theory and it did not do a good job of ensuring compatibility either with earlier versions of Scala or Java. There are many other usability issues, but long story short, it will not become a mainstream language like Java.

Is Oops slow?

Why is object oriented programming (OOP) slower than procedural? – Quora. Yes it is very hard and slower than procedural.

Is PHP poorly designed?

Developers hate PHP because it’s a technically inconsistent language with a bad design. When you compare it to other languages the contrast is obvious. … It’s very easy to make bad and insecure code with PHP. But PHP is not a security hole or doomed to ugly code if you code properly.

Is procedural PHP faster than OOP?

It’s better to say OOP vs. procedural programming. Procedural programming is faster, but OOP is much much more manageable and efficient. Any serious programmer would choose OOP over procedural programming and optimize other aspects of the application to gain performance.

Is object oriented PHP better than procedural?

OOP offers encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and composition, it helps you build much more extendable, reusable, maintainable, and organized application. The advantages are more evident in larger programs, which are pretty much impossible to work on with procedural style, especially when teamwork is required.

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