What is the purpose of the SQL clause between quizlet?

The BETWEEN operator selects values within a range. The values can be numbers, text, or dates. SQL aliases are used to give a database table, or a column in a table, a temporary name.

What is the purpose of the SQL AS clause quizlet?

What is the purpose of the SQL AS clause? The AS SQL clause is used change the name of a column in the result set or to assign a name to a derived column.

What is the purpose of SQL clause?

Explanation: SQL AS clauses are defined for columns and tables to give an alias name. Basically, aliases are created to increase the readability of the query and column headings in the output.

What follows after the SQL Select clause?

What does follow after the SQL SELECT clause? The JOIN SQL clause. The name of the table we are selecting from. List of columns that will be selected or the * symbol.

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What is the difference between the WHERE and having SQL clauses?

WHERE Clause is used to filter the records from the table based on the specified condition. … HAVING Clause is used to filter record from the groups based on the specified condition.

Which of the following SQL clauses is used?

3. Which of the following SQL clauses is used to DELETE tuples from a database table? Explanation: The SQL DELETE Query is used to delete the existing records from a table.

What are the SQL clauses?

SQL clauses

  • CONSTRAINT clause.
  • FOR UPDATE clause.
  • FROM clause.
  • GROUP BY clause.
  • HAVING clause.
  • ORDER BY clause.
  • The result offset and fetch first clauses.
  • USING clause.

Which clause is required in an SQL query?

SELECT is the required clause in SQL query for the getting of information from a database MCQ. Explanation: The data from a database is selected using a statement called SELECT.

What is mean by clause in SQL?

A clause in SQL is a part of a query that lets you filter or customizes how you want your data to be queried to you.

What are some common clauses used with SELECT query in SQL?


  • The FROM clause, which indicates the table(s) to retrieve data from. …
  • The WHERE clause includes a comparison predicate, which restricts the rows returned by the query. …
  • The GROUP BY clause projects rows having common values into a smaller set of rows.

Can you use update and SELECT clauses in one SQL statement?

There’s no convention in a SQL UPDATE statement for returning data. And vice versa — a SELECT statement doesn’t write information to a table. If you‘ve found questions/answers that you feel are similar to what you want, please provide links.

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What is the correct order of clauses in a SELECT statement?

Syntax: The basic syntax of ORDER BY clause is as follows: SELECT column-list FROM table_name [WHERE condition] [ORDER BY column1, column2, .. columnN] [ASC | DESC];

Which of the following removes a table from a database quizlet?

The DROP command removes a table from the database.

Which SQL statement is used to delete data from a database group of answer choices?

SQL DROP Statement:

The SQL DROP command is used to remove an object from the database. If you drop a table, all the rows in the table is deleted and the table structure is removed from the database.

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