You asked: How do I select multiple conditions in SQL?

You can use the OR condition in the WHERE clause to test multiple conditions where the record is returned if any one of the conditions are met. This example uses the WHERE clause to define multiple conditions, but instead of using the AND condition, it uses the OR condition.

How do I select multiple criteria in SQL?

You can specify multiple conditions in a single WHERE clause to, say, retrieve rows based on the values in multiple columns. You can use the AND and OR operators to combine two or more conditions into a compound condition. AND, OR, and a third operator, NOT, are logical operators.

How use multiple IF condition in SQL query?

Multiple IF conditions using ELSE

  1. — test if a condition is true. IF (condition is true) BEGIN.

How do I select multiple values in a selected query?

Pack the values into one string with comma separated. Set the string as parameter and pass it into the SQL statement. Unpack the values and insert the values into a table, Where customerid in (select id from #temp)

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How do I create a multiple like condition in SQL?

Not only LIKE, but you can also use multiple NOT LIKE conditions in SQL. You will get records of matching/non-matching characters with the LIKE – this you can achieve by percentile (%) wildcard character.

Can we use 2 where clause in SQL?

Example – Two Conditions in the WHERE Clause (OR Condition)

You can use the OR condition in the WHERE clause to test multiple conditions where the record is returned if any one of the conditions are met.

How do I do an IF THEN statement in SQL?

Syntax. IF (a <= 20) THEN c:= c+1; END IF; If the Boolean expression condition evaluates to true, then the block of code inside the if statement will be executed. If the Boolean expression evaluates to false, then the first set of code after the end of the if statement (after the closing end if) will be executed.

How do I pass an IF condition in SQL query?

SQL If Else Flow chart

If the test condition is true, then STATEMENT1 will run, followed by STATEMENTN. If the condition is False, then STATEMENT2 will run, followed by STATEMENTN. Because it is out of the if else condition, and it has nothing to do with the SQL Server condition result.

Can we use else if in SQL?

In MS SQL, IF…ELSE is a type of Conditional statement. Any T-SQL statement can be executed conditionally using IF… ELSE. … If the condition evaluates to False, then T-SQL statements followed by ELSE keyword will be executed.

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How do I pass multiple values in a single parameter in SQL query?

Possible ways are:

  1. usage of Table Valued Parameter – wherein you have the i’d to be passed as entries of a table and pass this table itself as input to the SP. …
  2. Another way is to pass in the values as a CSV string which can then be embedded into the query and executed as a dynamic query.

How do you pass a list of values in SQL query?

Note User is the name of the Object you mapped to the table you want to query. Pass the list in as a comma seperated list and use a split function to split it into a temporary table variable.

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