Best answer: How do I know what engine is MySQL using?

If you’re using MySQL Workbench, right-click a table and select alter table . In that window you can see your table Engine and also change it.

How do I know what MySQL engine I have?

To determine which engine a database table is currently using, type the following command at the mysql> prompt. Replace database with the name of the database that you want to check: SELECT TABLE_NAME, ENGINE FROM information_schema.

What are different MySQL engines?

There are two types of storage engines in MySQL: transactional and non-transactional. For MySQL 5.5 and later, the default storage engine is InnoDB.

MySQL supported storage engines:

  • InnoDB.
  • MyISAM.
  • Memory.
  • CSV.
  • Merge.
  • Archive.
  • Federated.
  • Blackhole.

How can I tell if MySQL is using InnoDB?

To determine whether your server supports InnoDB :

  1. Issue the SHOW ENGINES statement to view the available MySQL storage engines. …
  2. If InnoDB is not present, you have a mysqld binary that was compiled without InnoDB support and you need to get a different one.

How can I tell if my MySQL is using InnoDB or MyISAM?

Simply check the value of the Engine column in the returned dataset to know which engine the table is using. SELECT ENGINE FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA. TABLES WHERE TABLE_NAME=’your_table_name‘ AND TABLE_SCHEMA=’your_database_name’; — or use TABLE_SCHEMA=DATABASE() if you have a default one.

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Which MySQL engine is best?

What are they good at?

  • InnoDB: The default option in MySQL 5.7, InnoDB is a robust storage engine that offers:
  • MyISAM: The functionality that sets MyISAM apart is its capability for:
  • NDB (or NDBCLUSTER): If a clustered environment is where your database will be working, NDB is the storage engine of choice.

What is MySQL interview questions?

Basic MySQL Interview Questions

  • What is MySQL? MySQL is a database management system for web servers. …
  • What are some of the advantages of using MySQL? …
  • What do you mean by ‘databases’? …
  • What does SQL in MySQL stand for? …
  • What does a MySQL database contain? …
  • How can you interact with MySQL? …
  • What are MySQL Database Queries?

Why MyISAM gives the best performance?

MyISAM is designed with the idea that your database is queried far more than its updated and as a result it performs very fast read operations. If your read to write(insert|update) ratio is less than 15% its better to use MyISAM.

Which MySQL engine is faster?

In terms of pure speed, it is not always the case that MyISAM is faster than InnoDB but in my experience it tends to be faster for PURE READ working environments by a factor of about 2.0-2.5 times.

What is join in MySQL?

MySQL JOINS are used to retrieve data from multiple tables. A MySQL JOIN is performed whenever two or more tables are joined in a SQL statement. There are different types of MySQL joins: MySQL INNER JOIN (or sometimes called simple join) MySQL LEFT OUTER JOIN (or sometimes called LEFT JOIN)

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Should I use InnoDB or MyISAM?

InnoDB can be used for row level locking, that means it gives higher performance as compared to MyISAM. InnoDB can be used for both data and index for a large buffer pool. InnoDB can be used when we need better performance than MyISAM.

How do I know if InnoDB is enabled?

The easiest way to check whether the InnoDB engine is enabled is to log in to phpMyAdmin, click the SQL tab, type the following command in the box: show engines; and click Go to execute the query and see the available storage engines. Next to InnoDB engine, in the Support row you will see Yes if InnoDB is enabled.

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