Can selenium handle javascript popup?

You need to do some action such as accept or dismiss the alert box to resume your task on the browser. To handle alerts popupswe need to do switch to the alert window and call Selenium WebDriver Alert API methods. There are two types of alerts.

How does selenium handle pop-up JavaScript?

The alert interface provides following methods to handle/interact with such Javascript popups/dialogs:

  1. accept(): To accept an popup/alert.
  2. dismiss(): To decline an popup/alert.
  3. getText(): To get the text written on the popup/alert.
  4. sendKeys(keysToEnter): To enter some text on the popup/alert’s input box.

Can selenium WebDriver popup JavaScript?

There are the four methods that we would be using along with the Alert interface: void dismiss() – The dismiss() method clicks on the “Cancel” button as soon as the pop up window appears. void accept() – The accept() method clicks on the “Ok” button as soon as the pop up window appears.

Can selenium handle window pop ups?

Handling Web Dialog Box/Popup Window using Selenium

In Selenium, robot class is used to handle the keyboard and mouse functions. It is used to close the pop-up window. You can get the window handle of the pop-up window using the WindowHandle() function.

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How does selenium handle login pop-up?

To handle the basic authentication popup, we can pass the username and password along with the web page’s URL. When the login pop-up is prompted, we enter the username as “admin” and the password as “admin” and then login. Thus, the user would be successfully logged into the website.

How does selenium handle authentication popup in Chrome?

Here is the solution:

  1. Step1: Create chrome extension. Create a folder named ‘extension’ Create a file named ‘manifest. json’ inside ‘extension’ folder. …
  2. Step2: Add extension into your test automation framework. Copy the .crx file into your framework. Configure your webdriver creation to load the extension like. options.

How does selenium handle random popups?

Selenium WebDriver – How To Handle Annoying Random Popup / Alerts

  1. public void checkForPopupAndKill(){ if(popup. …
  2. public class ElementGuard { public static WebElement guard(WebElement element) { ElementProxy proxy = new ElementProxy(element); WebElement wrappdElement = (WebElement) Proxy.

How do I stop popups in Selenium?

We can close the pop up window with Selenium. The getWindowHandles and getWindowHandle methods are used for the pop up window. To store all the window handles opened in a Set data structure, the getWindowHandles method is used. To store the window handle of the pop up in focus, the getWindowHandle method is used.

What is fluent wait in Selenium?

Fluent Wait in Selenium marks the maximum amount of time for Selenium WebDriver to wait for a certain condition (web element) becomes visible. It also defines how frequently WebDriver will check if the condition appears before throwing the “ElementNotVisibleException”.

What challenges did you face while doing automation?

Top 9 Challenges Faced In Selenium Automation

  • Cross Browser Testing. …
  • Scalability. …
  • Synchronizing Events. …
  • Handling Dynamic Elements. …
  • False Positive and False Negative Results. …
  • Pop up and Alert Handling. …
  • Captcha or OTP Handling. …
  • Limited Reporting.
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How does selenium handle multiple popup windows?

Example of handling multiple windows

  1. Get the handle of the parent window using the command: String parentWindowHandle = driver. …
  2. Print the window handle of the parent window.
  3. Find the element on the web page using an ID which is an element locator.
  4. Open multiple child windows.
  5. Iterate through child windows.

How do you handle exceptions in selenium?

Methods of Handling Exceptions

  1. Try: try block is used to enclose the code that might throw an exception.
  2. Catch: catch block is used to handle the Exception. …
  3. Finally: finally block is a block that is used to execute important code such as closing connection, stream etc.

Can we handle user sessions in selenium?

We can perform session handling with the help of Selenium webdriver with a TestNG framework. … The attribute thread-count controls the number of sessions to be created while executing the tests in a parallel mode. The value of parallel attribute is set to methods.

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