Can you declare a variable more than once in Java?

Declaring multiple variables in a single declaration could cause confusion about the types of variables and their initial values. A mixture of initialized and uninitialized variables. …

Can you reuse variables in Java?

As a general principle, do not reuse variables to point to different objects. This is extremely error prone. In your specific example, since you are recreating the connection object in each call to SqlThingyMethod there is likely no benefit to storing it in a field. Use a local variable.

Can you define a variable twice in Java?

The reason here is that declaring a variable twice is a sign of a mistake. It usually means one of three things: Your variable names are not specific enough. Perhaps you used int length twice and it barks at you.

Is it OK to reuse variables?

Reusing variables for different purposes is a maintenance error waiting to happen. It’s bad practice. A well named variable can do wonders for aiding code comprehension. Reusing variables is especially fragile in weakly typed dynamic languages such as PHP.

Is it bad to reuse variables?

Reusing local variables contributes to cognitive load by creating an implicit dependency within a function: readers have to mentally disambiguate between the different meanings behind the variable name when they see a use of the variable. … See practice Name a variable semantically.

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What happens if I declare a variable twice?

Declaring the same variable twice is as good as declaring it once. Below statement will not bring any impact. … in the below case you are just overriding the variable foo. This will have an impact if you have foo defined in the local and global scope.

Can we initialize a variable two times?

By right, you cannot declare same variable 2 times in the same scope. If you declare 2 variables with same name in different scopes, then it is not same variable, because the memory space used for these 2 variables could be different.

Can we declare same variable in two times globally?

In C, multiple global variables are “merged” into one. So you have indeed just one global variable, declared multiple times.

Can we use same variable name in two methods?

Do not use the same variable name in two scopes where one scope is contained in another. For example, No other variable should share the name of a global variable if the other variable is in a subscope of the global variable.

Can variables belong to the different scopes have the same name?

Yes — the scopes will not overlap so there will be two local variables, one per method, each with the same name.

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