Frequent question: What is the prerequisite of executing PHP?

you really need no requirements. php is a stand alone language. it’s a must for server side content creators. you can learn python or any other language but you’ll have to leaem the framework that connects it to the web so in my opinion learninh php is very beneficial. if you want to connect it to a database use sql.

What are the prerequisites for PHP?

Prerequisites to learning PHP:

  • Basic HTML.
  • MySQL.
  • Basic CSS.
  • JavaScript.

What are the skills required for PHP developer?

6 Key Skills a PHP Developer Should Have

  • Knowledge of other programming languages. …
  • Get to grips with PHP best practices and design patterns. …
  • Be comfortable with Composer, PSR, PHPUnit. …
  • Problem Solving. …
  • Good Communication. …
  • Adaptability.

What should I learn before PHP framework?

I’d say to begin with you should make sure you’re confident in writing good, secure, basic apps without a framework. For instance learn how to use sessions, database abstractions (prepared statements), sending secure emails, OOP etc before you jump to a framework that’ll do it for you.

What are basics of PHP?

PHP Basics

  • Tags and Syntax. PHP commands are embedded into HTML by one of several ways. …
  • Variables and Datatypes. Variables in PHP are represented by a dollar sign followed by an alphanumeric name beginning in a letter or underscore. …
  • Statements and Expressions. …
  • Operators and Maths. …
  • Strings. …
  • Arrays. …
  • Conditionals. …
  • Loops.
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Can I learn PHP without knowing Javascript?

No, not at all. PHP and JS are both separate things. So you can go ahead and learn php without knowing JS at all. Although i must say that you will definitely need to know JS, when you will become an intermediate developer, to create client side effects like client side validations, ajax, etc.

Can I learn PHP without knowing HTML?

Can I learn PHP without knowing HTML? It is not necessary that you need to know HTML before learning PHP. However, it is highly recommended to start with HTML and then move on to PHP, so it would make more sense for you to get the whole idea behind programming and building webpages.

Is PHP front-end or backend?

PHP is a back end development language only. PHP belongs to the LAMP stack, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python. To develop a web app with this technology stack, a software engineer needs to know four different syntax systems, as well as HTML and CSS.

Is PHP developer a good job?

PHP is still one of the most popular server-side scripting languages that are used many a developer around the world. If you are skilled in PHP, you don’t have to worry too much about your career or your salary, for that matter.

What is the role of PHP developer?

A PHP Developer is responsible for creating and implementing an array of Web-based products using PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and JavaScript. You develop back-end components, connect the application with other web services, and assist front-end developers by ensuring their work integrates with the application.

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How long will it take to learn PHP?

It takes about three to six months to learn PHP depending on how much time you commit. PHP has a favorable syntax which makes it a great starting point for anyone interested in learning about back-end web development. If you commit to studying part-time, learning PHP in three to six months is a reasonable goal.

Why is laravel so hard?

Some things i really don’t like on Laravel: The installation process is a pain and doesn’t work for most users on the first try. You can’t download a working Laravel package, you always have to use Composer to “finalize” it.

Can I learn laravel without PHP?

Laravel is a PHP MVC framework. The architecture is based on the MVC programming paradigm, but the building blocks are PHP functions. To learn Laravel without learning PHP first is a risky endeavor. You may not be very productive with it.

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