Frequent question: What is XJC in Java?

XJC is a Java SE tool that compiles an XML schema file into fully annotated Java classes. It is distributed within the JDK package and is located at /bin/xjc path.

What is XJC used for?

You use the xjc shell script to compile an XML schema file into fully annotated Java classes.

What is XJC command?

Use the Java™ Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) tools to generate Java classes from an XML schema with the xjc schema compiler tool.

How use XJC command line?

Open a command prompt. Run the JAXB schema compiler, xjc command from the directory where the schema file is located. The xjc schema compiler tool is located in the app_server_root bin directory. Use the generated JAXB objects within a Java application to manipulate XML content through the generated JAXB classes.

How do I get XJC?

Look in the directory where java, javac, etc are located. Note that since Java 11, the JAXB was removed from the JDK. It has to be separately installed. There is a bin directory in the ZIP file where we can find the xjc and schemagen tools.

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How do you convert XSD to POJO classes?

4 Answers

  1. Generate POJO Class from XSD in Eclipse.
  2. Generate POJO class from XSD Schema command line.
  3. Generate POJO Classes from XSD using XJC Maven Plugin.

How do I use Wsimport?

A. wsimport

  1. From the command line, execute “wsimport -keep <URL of WSDL>”. This will generate Java source and class files. …
  2. Import the generated source files into your Eclipse project: “File->Import” -> “General > File System”
  3. Depending on the Web service, several message and data classes will be generated.

What is JAXB RI?

JavaTM Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) provides an API and tools that automate the mapping between XML documents and Java objects. JAXB makes XML easy to use by compiling an XML schema into one or more Java technology classes. … Marshal the Java representation of the XML content into XML content.

Is JAXB part of Java?

JAXB is one of the APIs in the Jakarta EE platform (formerly Java EE), part of the Java Web Services Development Pack (JWSDP), and one of the foundations for WSIT. It was also part of the Java SE platform (in version Java SE 6-10).

How do I create a class in WSDL?

In Eclipse, create a new Java project. Right-click the project folder and then click New, Other. In the New window, expand Web Services, select Web Service Client, and click Next. Next, paste the WSDL URL in the Service definition textbox, drag the slider up to Test Client, and click Finish.

How do I use JAXB binding files?

Customizations to JAXB bindings made by means of inline binding declarations in an XML schema file take the form of <xsd:appinfo> elements embedded in schema <xsd:annotation> elements ( xsd: is the XML schema namespace prefix, as defined in W3C XML Schema Part 1: Structures).

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What is jaxb2 Maven plugin?

This plugin uses the Java API for XML Binding (JAXB), version 2+, to generate Java classes from XML Schemas (and optionally binding files) and to create XML Schemas from annotated Java classes. Care is taken to make the plugin valid for all 2. …

What is JAXB XJC jar?


Contains source code needed for binding customization files into java sources. In other words: the *tool* to generate java classes for the given xml representation.

Where is XJC EXE?

The wsimport, wsgen, schemagen and xjc command-line tools are located in the app_server_root bin directory in WebSphere Application Server traditional. The xjc and schemagen commands are located in the app_server_root jaxbbin directory in Liberty profile.

How do I generate JAXB classes from XSD?


  1. Use the JAXB schema compiler, xjc command to generate JAXB-annotated Java classes. The schema compiler is located in the app_server_root bin directory. …
  2. (Optional) Use custom binding declarations to change the default JAXB mappings. …
  3. Compile the generated JAXB objects.
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