How do I call a concurrent program from a PL SQL package?

How do you call a concurrent program in PL SQL?

Calling a PL/SQL Concurrent Program in Real-Time

  1. Call fnd_global.initialize ensuring you pass it two parameters in bold below. …
  2. Run the SQL on fnd_temp_files, as below, using the fictional request_id generated from sequence [ in variable n_conc_request_id ]

How do I submit a concurrent program from PL SQL block?

Submit a Concurrent Program/Request from PL/SQL

Oracle has provided the feasibility to submit a concurrent request from backend using “fnd_request. submit_request” API. Note:- This code is to submit a Concurrent Program, not the Request Set. To Submit the Request Set from the backend, We have a different API.

How do you call a concurrent program from backend?

You can Run Concurrent program from backend by using FND_REQUEST. SUBMIT_REQUEST API. And By using FND_REQUEST. ADD_NOTIFICATION API You can send notification mail to particular User.

What is concurrent program in PL SQL?

Concurrent programs using PL/SQL stored procedures can generate log files or output files. See: PL/SQL APIs for Concurrent Processing. Your stored procedure concurrent program must have errbuf and retcode as the first two parameters. Use errbuf to return any error messages, and retcode to return completion status.

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What is bulk collect in Oracle?

A bulk collect is a method of fetching data where the PL/SQL engine tells the SQL engine to collect many rows at once and place them in a collection. The SQL engine retrieves all the rows and loads them into the collection and switches back to the PL/SQL engine.

How do you wait for a concurrent request to complete?

wait_for_request (request_id => lv_request_id ,INTERVAL => 5 –interval Number of seconds to wait between checks ,max_wait => 60 –Maximum number of seconds to wait for the request completion — out arguments ,phase => lc_phase ,STATUS => lc_status ,dev_phase => lc_dev_phase ,dev_status => lc_dev_status ,message => …

Can we create function within procedure?

Is it possible to create a function inside a procedure in oracle? Yes. Placed it at the bottom of the declarations section of the procedure.

How do I register a stored procedure in Oracle Apps?

Register PL SQL stored procedure in Oracle Apps

  1. Create procedure.
  2. Create Executable.
  3. Create Program.
  4. Add this program to the required request group.

How do I submit a concurrent program in Oracle Apps?

Submit concurrent program from backend in Oracle Apps

To submit the concurrent program request we need to goto the concurrent requests page. In this page , we can see all the running and submitted concurrent program requests and do submit the new concurrent program requests also.

How do I schedule a concurrent program in Oracle Apps backend?

The scheduling option is available when you submit a concurrent program. Navigate to respective responsibilities and open the SRS form. In this case, navigate to System Administrator->View->Requests->Submit a New Request->Single Request and select Gather Schema Statistics program.

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How do I register a package as a concurrent program?

This is my step-by-step:

  1. create package in pl/sql.
  2. create procedure in pl/sql.
  3. test the procedure > working fine, txt file created in the database server directory.
  4. create concurrent executable.
  5. create concurrent program.
  6. assigned program to request.
  7. run the request > completed normal.

What is a concurrent program?

A concurrent program is an executable file that runs simultaneously with other concurrent programs and with online operations, fully utilizing your hardware capacity. Typically, a concurrent program is a long-running, data-intensive task, such as posting a journal or generating a report.

What is Errbuf and Retcode in Oracle Apps?

ERRBUF: It return the error message. For you program if you get any error in exception block you can assign the error message to this parameter. … RETCODE: This parameter returns the status of the concurrent program.

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