Where are temp tables in SQL Server?

Temporary tables are stored in tempdb. They work like a regular table in that you can perform the operations select, insert and delete as for a regular table. If created inside a stored procedure they are destroyed upon completion of the stored procedure.

How do I select a temp table in SQL Server?


  1. — Create Local temporary table.
  2. Create Table #myTable (id Int , Name nvarchar(20))
  3. –Insert data into Temporary Tables.
  4. Insert into #myTable Values (1,’Saurabh’);
  5. Insert into #myTable Values (2,’Darshan’);
  6. Insert into #myTable Values (3,’Smiten’);
  7. Select Data from the Temporary Tables.
  8. Select * from #myTable.

What is temp table in SQL Server?

A temp table is a real database table in a permanent database. All temp tables reside in the tempdb database, which is a system database. A temp table is temporary in that it is generally no longer available when the database connection for creating a temp table no longer exists.

How do you SELECT and insert data into a temp table?

INSERT INTO SELECT statement reads data from one table and inserts it into an existing table. Such as, if we want to copy the Location table data into a temp table using the INSERT INTO SELECT statement, we have to specify the temporary table explicitly and then insert the data.

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How do you read a temp table?

To define a temporary table, we use the INTO statement after the SELECT statement. The name of a temporary table must start with a hash (#). Now, to see where this table exists; go to “Object Explorer -> Databases -> System Databases-> tempdb -> Temporary Tables”.

Which is better table variable or temp table?

A temp table can have indexes, whereas a table variable can only have a primary index. If speed is an issue Table variables can be faster, but obviously if there are a lot of records, or the need to search the temp table of a clustered index, then a Temp Table would be better.

What is difference between table variable and temp table?

Table variable involves the effort when you usually create the normal tables. Temp table result can be used by multiple users. Table variable can be used by the current user only. Temp table will be stored in the tempdb.

Can I use temp table in view?

No, a view consists of a single SELECT statement. You cannot create or drop tables in a view. … CTEs are temporary result sets that are defined within the execution scope of a single statement and they can be used in views.

Is select faster than insert?

a select would take O(n) I’m assuming. Then the insert (for a smaller data set) an additional O(1). whereas an insert would just take O(1).

Is select into faster than insert into?

I’ve had DBAs state, Insert into is faster, since compiler/parser, does not need to find Column data types on the fly. Others stating Select into is faster. We conducted performance testing, and seems select into is slightly faster.

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Can you have a foreign key on a temp table?

Temporary tables DO NOT support foreign key constraints. The rule above says it all – temporary tables do not support foreign key constraints. … Skipping FOREIGN KEY constraint ‘fk_temployeeList_HREmployee’ definition for temporary table. FOREIGN KEY constraints are not enforced on local or global temporary tables.

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