Which one of the following is the default PHP session name?

Que. Which one of the following is the default PHP session name?

What is PHP session name?

The session name references the name of the session, which is used in cookies and URLs (e.g. PHPSESSID ). It should contain only alphanumeric characters; it should be short and descriptive (i.e. for users with enabled cookie warnings).

Php“setcookie” is the PHP function used to create the cookie. “cookie_name” is the name of the cookie that the server will use when retrieving its value from the $_COOKIE array variable. It’s mandatory. “cookie_value” is the value of the cookie and its mandatory.

How do I find my session name?

To get a session name we need to call function session_name() without passing any argument. This will return the session name that is being set. IF there is no specific session name set, then in that case a string “PHPSESSID” will be returned as session name which is a default value for session name.

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Which of the following is used to create a session Mcq?

32. Which of the following is used to create a session? session_start() function is used to create a session in Php.

What is PHP full form?

PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor ) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

How do I check if a session exists?

If $_SESSION (or $HTTP_SESSION_VARS for PHP 4.0. 6 or less) is used, use isset() to check a variable is registered in $_SESSION .

  1. PHP_SESSION_DISABLED if sessions are disabled.
  2. PHP_SESSION_NONE if sessions are enabled, but none exists.
  3. PHP_SESSION_ACTIVE if sessions are enabled, and one exists.

Why session is used in PHP?

PHP session is used to store and pass information from one page to another temporarily (until user close the website). PHP session creates unique user id for each browser to recognize the user and avoid conflict between multiple browsers. …

How will you set cookies using PHP?

Setting Cookie In PHP: To set a cookie in PHP,the setcookie() function is used. The setcookie() function needs to be called prior to any output generated by the script otherwise the cookie will not be set. Syntax : setcookie(name, value, expire, path, domain, security);

PHP Sessions

Sessions are an alternative to cookies. … Instead of sending key/value pairs to the browser, these values are stored on the server, and only a reference identifier (“session ID”) is sent to the user’s browser as a cookie. This session ID needs to be a long and unique string.

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What is my session ID?

A session ID is a unique number that a Web site’s server assigns a specific user for the duration of that user’s visit (session). The session ID can be stored as a cookie, form field, or URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Some Web servers generate session IDs by simply incrementing static numbers.

What does session name mean?

English (of Norman origin): habitational name from Soissons in northern France, named for the Gaulish tribe who once inhabited the area, and whose name is recorded in Latin documents in the form Suessiones, of uncertain derivation.

How do I change a session name?

Changing session name

You can update the session name by calling session_name() . //Set the session name session_name(‘newname’); //Start the session session_start(); If no argument is provided into session_name() then the current session name is returned.

What is sometimes also called a lightweight process?

Threads are sometimes called lightweight processes because they have their own stack but can access shared data. Because threads share the same address space as the process and other threads within the process, the operational cost of communication between the threads is low, which is an advantage.

What is session start?

session_start() creates a session or resumes the current one based on a session identifier passed via a GET or POST request, or passed via a cookie. When session_start() is called or when a session auto starts, PHP will call the open and read session save handlers.

Which is the right way of declaring a variable in PHP Mcq?

1. Which is the right way of declaring a variable in PHP? Explanation: A variable in PHP can not start with a number, also $this is mainly used to refer properties of a class so we can’t use $this as a user define variable name.

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