You asked: How do I change the package name in SQL Developer?

How do I edit a package in SQL Developer?

4 Editing a Package Manually. Select a package from the Object Selection pane and click Find or Replace. When you edit a package, you can edit the code manually, perform a search and replace, and compile the package. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop and then Object Browser.

How do I edit a package in PL SQL?

To edit a package manually:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop and then Object Browser. Object Browser appears.
  2. From the Object list, select Packages.
  3. From the Object Selection pane, select a package. The Specification appears. …
  4. Click Find & Replace to perform a basic search and replace.

How do you call a package in SQL Developer?

After couple of tries, I found an easy way to execute the stored procedure from sql developer itself.

  1. Under packages, select your desired package and right click on the package name (not on the stored procedure name).
  2. You will find option to run. Select that and supply the required arguments.

How do you modify a procedure in Oracle?

The procedure must be in your own schema or you must have ALTER ANY PROCEDURE system privilege. Specify the schema containing the procedure. If you omit schema , then Oracle Database assumes the procedure is in your own schema. Specify the name of the procedure to be recompiled.

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How do you rename a package in SAP ABAP?

Mass change Package name in ABAP

  1. Go to transaction SE03 – Transport Organizer Tools. …
  2. Provide the objects names for which you want to change the package name. …
  3. Select the Package name node to which you want to change and hit Select/Deselect button on the top or simple press F6.

Can we alter procedure with in package?

No, it is not possible to modify only a part of a package. You have to replace the whole package or package body. If you don’t have the current version of your code you can extract it from the database if you have the appropriate permissions.

How do I know if I have a package body in SQL Developer?

Go to VIEW menu, click on find DB objects option. In the find db object pane put the name of the package and select the DB. Both, the spec and body will appear, double click to open.

How do I create a stored procedure in SQL Developer?

Creating and Executing a Procedure

  1. A script with the procedure has already been created so you can open the file. Select File > Open. …
  2. Locate the proc. …
  3. Click the Run Script icon to create the AWARD_BONUS procedure. …
  4. Select the hr_orcl connection and click OK. …
  5. The procedure was created and compiled with an error.

How do I run a PL SQL package in SQL Developer?

Assuming you already have a connection configured in SQL Developer:

  1. from the View menu, select DBMS Output.
  2. in the DBMS Output window, click the green plus icon, and select your connection.
  3. right-click the connection and choose SQL worksheet.
  4. paste your query into the worksheet.
  5. run the query.
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How do I compile a package body?

To recompile the body of the emp_mgmt package in the schema hr , issue the following statement: ALTER PACKAGE hr. emp_mgmt COMPILE BODY; If Oracle Database encounters no compilation errors while recompiling the package body, then the body becomes valid.

How do I execute a package?

The Execute Package task can run child packages that are contained in the same project that contains the parent package. You select a child package from the project by setting the ReferenceType property to Project Reference, and then setting the PackageNameFromProjectReference property.

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