Frequent question: How can I protect my PHP code from copying?

How do I protect my PHP source code?

The simplest encoding method is to use the base64_encode() and eval() functions to the minified source code or to use some encryption. It is easy for any competent PHP programmer to decode a minified PHP script to view the original source code.

How do I protect my PHP code running on a client server?

4 Answers. If you need to protect some magnificent algorithm you could have the code sitting on your own server with an authenticated API to access it, then distribute programs that use that API and sell credentials to use that API. It would then be possible to control code access as you pleased.

Can you hide PHP code?

Sadly, there are no “smart solutions” to hide PHP code. It is impossible to totally hide the PHP source code since it is an interpreted language, but there are a few possible alternatives: Use a code obfuscator to make the source code difficult to read. Use a code protector or encoder.

How do I protect my software code?

Here are 9 software protection steps you should.

  1. Patenting Your Software. …
  2. Patent as early as possible. …
  3. Not all patents are equal. …
  4. Software Escrows. …
  5. Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets. …
  6. Invest in IP Research. …
  7. Get a reliable legal advisor. …
  8. Trademark Registration.
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How do I obfuscate PHP code for free?

Top 5: Best Open Source PHP Code Obfuscator Libraries

  1. PHP Obfuscator by Naneu.
  2. pH-7 Obfuscator. …
  3. Yakpro PO. …
  4. PHP Compactor. The PHP compactor library will help you tompress and Obfuscate PHP code easily. …
  5. Eccenux POBS. POBS is a PHP Obfuscator. …

How do I run an encrypted PHP code?

Step 2: Download the PHP encryption script. Then change your source code path, encryption key, and excluded files. Then run encryption script in your server or localhost. Please note, you should keep PHP source code to src folder.

How do I decrypt a PHP file?

This class can encrypt and decrypt PHP source code files. It can read a given PHP script file and encrypt it with a given password. The encrypted data is encoded with base64. The class can also do the opposite, i.e. read a previously encrypted file, decrypt it with the same password and execute it as PHP code.

Is PHP secure?

PHP is as secure as any other major language

PHP is as secure as any other major language. The problem with PHP is also the problem with every single other language: you can write insecure code in it,” he underscores his point, “but that’s a fundamental problem in every single programming language.

Is PHP website secure?

Since PHP is so popular, PHP security is essential and the number of vulnerable PHP applications is large. Most PHP web applications share parts of code or scripts with other web applications. If the shared piece of code is found to be vulnerable, all the applications that are using it are also vulnerable.

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Can anyone see my PHP code?

Only readability for humans. If your php-files are parsed by the http server, nobody can get them. If someone access a php file on your site all they will see is the code output by the PHP script (e.g. any HTML, or Javascript) – they won’t see the source for the PHP page itself (and will have no way to access it).

How do I hide my source code?

JavaScript Encryption

This is by far the most popular way to try to hide one’s source code. It involves taking your code, using a custom made function to “encrypt” it somehow, and then putting it in an HTML file along with a function that will decrypt it for the browser.

Why is PHP not working?

Make sure that PHP is installed and running correctly. … Search for LoadModule php , and make sure that there is no comment ( ; ) in front of it. Make sure that Apache’s httpd. conf file has the PHP MIME type in it. This should be something like AddType application/x-httpd-php .

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