Which SQL function displays the name of the day of the week of a date?

The DAYNAME() function returns the weekday name for a given date.

How do I get the day of the week from a date in SQL?

SQL Server has a couple of inbuilt functions to get the day of week from the given date. To get the name of the day of week, you can use DATENAME function and to get the number of the day of week, you can use DATEPART function.

How do I get the week name in SQL?



What is day of week in SQL?

Return Value

datepart Return value
day, dd, d 30
week, wk, ww 44
weekday, dw 3
hour, hh 12
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Is there a weekday function in SQL?

The WEEKDAY() function returns the weekday number for a given date. Note: 0 = Monday, 1 = Tuesday, 2 = Wednesday, 3 = Thursday, 4 = Friday, 5 = Saturday, 6 = Sunday.

How do I get the day name from a date in SQL Developer?

First the WeekDay function determines the day of the week number for the given date and format. DayName then uses this number to return the correct day name: Monday. First the DateAdd function uses the current date and subtracts one day. WeekDay then determines the number for the day of the week.

How do I get the first day of the month in SQL?

SELECT DATEADD(m, DATEDIFF(m, 0, GETDATE()), 0) — Instead of GetDate you can put any date. It is probably quite fast. Why not create it as a sql function. The -2 will get you the first day of last month.

How do I get the current Monday in SQL?

SELECT DATEADD(week, DATEDIFF(week, 0, RegistrationDate – 1), 0) AS Monday; In the expression above, we add the specified number of weeks to the 0 date. As you remember, 0 represents midnight on Monday, 1 January 1900.

How do I get the day name in SQL?

Method 1: DateName() Function for Day Name

DECLARE @DateVal DATE = ‘2020-07-27’; SELECT @DateVal As [Date], DATENAME(WEEKDAY, @DateVal) AS [Day Name]; When you run the above script you will see the date which is passed along with the day name.

How do I get the current day in SQL?

To get the current date and time in SQL Server, use the GETDATE() function. This function returns a datetime data type; in other words, it contains both the date and the time, e.g. 2019-08-20 10:22:34 .

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What is difference between Datepart () and Datename () in SQL Server?

Returns a character string that represents the specified datepart of the specified date. According to their definitions, the only difference between these two functions is the return type: DATEPART() returns an integer. DATENAME() returns a string.

What is Datepart MySQL?

There is no DATEPART function in MySQL. Use MONTH(date_column) or EXTRACT(MONTH FROM date_column) instead.

How do you exclude weekends in SQL query?

For that we need to write the SQL query as shown below: SELECT * FROM CheckInDetails. WHERE ((DATEPART(dw, CheckInDate) + @@DATEFIRST) % 7) NOT IN (0, 1)

If you want to only exclude Sunday and it is not the first day of the week for your server,

  1. SELECT [date_created]
  2. FROM table.
  3. WHEREDATEPART(w,[date_created]) NOT IN (7)

How do I get a week start and end in SQL?

Get Week Start Date & Week End Date Using SQL Server

  1. List of date time functions. DATEADD() …
  2. DATEPART() …
  3. GETDATE() …
  4. CAST() …
  5. Week_Start_Date select statement. …
  6. Divide Week_Start_Date select statement. …
  7. Week_End_Date select statement. …
  8. Divide Week_End_Date select statement.

How do I do an if statement in SQL?

The IF statement is logically equivalent to a CASE statements with a searched-case-statement-when clause. The IF statement supports the use of optional ELSE IF clauses and a default ELSE clause. An END IF clause is required to indicate the end of the statement.

What is ISO week in SQL?

The week number can be described by counting the Thursdays: week 12 contains the 12th Thursday of the year. The ISO year starts at the first day (Monday) of week 01 and ends at the Sunday before the new ISO year (hence without overlap or gap). It consists of 52 or 53 full weeks.

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